destination wedding invitations

Thank you for your interest in Design by Laney! We are a stationery design and calligraphy firm based out of Greensboro, North Carolina, led by our Head Designer, Laney Schenk.

Laney first received her artistic inspiration from her grandmother, Betty, who introduced her to sewing, knitting, and embossing before the age of six. After years of doodling and DIY-ing on the side of her corporate gig, she began to practice and study calligraphy and graphic design. The rest, as they say...

Our favorite part of the design process is including unique touches that are personal to the client - from using a favorite book for inspiration to incorporating inside jokes for the happy couple's family members, it is these details that make your event special and memorable, and that make your wedding invitations and stationery exciting to create!

Design by Laney focuses on weddings and special events, but we welcome any new opportunities! Our obsessions include all bright colors, fried chicken, and our studio pup, Bodie.