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Are you setting up your business for the first time? Trying to make the leap to full time? Or maybe you’ve been fumbling through for a bit and want to start making things a little more legit - if so, the First 30 Days Workbook will pretty much change your life!

This digital workbook is designed for you to spend 1-2 hours per day on a new topic, and each day includes:

  1. Intro into each topic

  2. Why it’s important for your business

  3. Tips and Tricks for HOW to adapt each topic for your business

  4. A DIY “assignment” sheet for each topic!

  5. Additional resources, experts, and information to delve further on each topic, if you so choose

The First 30 Days Workbook is setup for ANY creative business, not just a stationery designer or calligrapher. The workbook launches January 1, but pre-order pricing is available until December 24 - this would make a perfect gift for someone who is setting up a creative business or taking the next steps to turn their passion into a money-making reality.

Samples of topics included are:

  • Taxes

  • Branding

  • Cost Breakdown

  • Fail Plan

  • SEO

  • Invoicing

Pre-Order download comes with a Gift Notice you can print out and wrap up for a special someone, one surprise BONUS page from the book (not available after pre-orders close), as well as an Instagram Story highlight where you can share your excitement for the First 30 Days! We can’t wait to follow along on your first 30 days!