Tips + Tricks: Using Gold in Your Wedding Stationery [Part 1]

Gold, rose gold, antique gold, yellow gold, bright gold…I could go on for days and never get tired of every shade of gold there is! The gold craze has been popular for several years, and though there are many different versions of it, it’s not going away anytime soon. We all want to surround ourselves with beautiful gold accents, and your wedding day should be no different! One of the best ways to incorporate golds into your wedding is via your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery items. There are countless ways to bring more gold into your wedding paper goods, and we have put together a list of some our favorites—and of course there are gorgeous pictures to go with! Not a gold person? Don’t worry, all of these tips can apply to copper, silver, or any other metal finishes that you prefer!

Gold Printing Methods

Everyone wants that all-gold printed invitation, but there are a few different printing methods you can use to achieve your Midas-touch invites!

Gold Foil Stamping

Gold foil stamping is definitely one of the hottest trends in wedding stationery these days. This is the most luxe invitation style for the ultimate glamourous couple. The upgrade to gold foil stamping starts around $500 for your invite, and it’s available in thousands of different shades and finishes so you can find your perfect gold! The process is much more complex than running through a printer, however. A metal die is made of your design, and then the pages are run through a press with the thinnest gold sheets, using pressure and heat to literally stamp the gold down into the paper. You end up with a pressed-in texture that is to die for! This method works best for small areas of design, and shows up beautifully on thicker papers—my favorite to use is double-thick cotton!

Flat Foil Printing

Flat foil printing still gives you the same shiny foil look as gold foil stamping, but as the name suggests, flat foil printing is…well, flat. Instead of stamping a die into the paper, this foil is transferred to the paper through a heat process, and typically is done with a foil that reacts to certain toners from a laser printer. You can print a full design in color, and then use flat foil printing to foil over it if you like! This upgrade can start around $200 and is best on designs that are not too intricate. As for paper, we’d suggest a smooth cardstock for the best results.

Flat Gold Printing

Flat gold printing is much like running through a printer—this is typically done with what’s called an offset printer, actually. We don’t need to bore you with the details, but they use a metallic gold ink that resembles the typical metallic paint you would find at the craft store (more of an antique gold and not as shiny). This method is similarly priced to regular printing, and shows up really well on dark papers like black or navy!

Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

Gold Paint

Using gold paint is another great way to work gold or other metals into your wedding stationery. I have yet to find many things that I can’t paint somehow, so this is one of my favorites. The possibilities here are endless, from using a swash of gold paint as an accent to painting a full-on masterpiece on your invitations, but I have a couple of favorite ways to use paint on wedding stationery.

        Edge Painting

Edge painting is one of the most simple, yet eye-catching ways to create a statement with your wedding invitations. It works best with thicker papers, as it will be most obvious, but you can paint almost any paper edges! We love gold or silver paper edges, but you can also explore some fun ombre or rainbow options! If you are DIY-ing your edge painting, our favorite brand is Americana Glorious Gold.

Gold Edge Painting

        Liquid Gilding             

Liquid Gilding Paint

Liquid gilding is an amazing product from Martha Stewart crafts! You can find it at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and use it in a variety of fun DIY projects. I love to use it to create gold streaks on place cards, dip dye wooden shapes, and for some gorgeous gold ink splatters. There are a million other uses for this awesome product though! I hope you will give it a try—just um…try your best not to spill it on the rug…hypothetically, of course.

        Spray Paint

Never underestimate the power of a great gold spray paint. With the rise of gilding and metallic finishes, gold spray paints have adapted and gotten way better over the last few years. This helps to make your spray-painted items shinier and more true to that gilded metallic finish. Try spray-painting your laser-cut table numbers and signs, frames, and tons of other projects, like these fun gold magnolia leaf place cards!

Gold Painted Magnolia Leaf Place Cards

If you are going for a more matte look, then you can use almost any gold spray paint out there! However, if you want a true metallic gold, my favorite brand of late is Krylon Gold Foil Metallic paint. The guy at the store told me to use it in short quick swipes to get the best finish (and the guys at the store are always right, aren’t they?). Seriously, you will love this paint!

Best Gold Spray Paint

Hopefully this helps when you are using gold paints and gold printing methods in your wedding stationery. I got a little long-winded, so I’ll cover more awesome gold options in a Part 2 post next week! This will include gold calligraphy, gold leaf, wax seals, and some of my other favorite ways to add glitzy glamour to your wedding stationery! Stay tuned, and in the meantime, let us know what you think about gold printing and gold painting methods. What are some projects you would like to add gold to for your wedding? Let us know below and we will give you some direction if we can!