Tips + Tricks: Using Gold in Your Wedding Stationery [Part 2]

Tips + Tricks: Using Golds in Your Wedding Stationery Part 2

Last week we opened up one of my absolute favorite topics—how to use gold in your wedding stationery. We went over several different gold printing methods as well as a few different ways to use gold paint in your stationery and wedding day items. Per usual, things got a little lengthy, so I decided to cover some remaining techniques this week in a separate post. The best thing about Part 2 is that all of these options are more flexible cost-wise than the gold printing methods discussed in Part 1. So if foil stamping or gold edging aren’t quite in your budget, keep reading to find out more about how you can incorporate one of the hottest trends of 2017 into your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery!

Gold Leaf

Photo by  Jessica Van

Photo by Jessica Van

Okay I had to save the best for first, because gold leaf is a technique that never gets old! A gold leaf finish requires literally gluing tiny, thin pieces of gold onto your stationery, brushing it off, and sealing the finished product for longevity. The best part about gold leaf, is that brushing it off creates a unique, distressed look which is natural and adds an air of romance to your invitations. I personally have added gold leaf to all sorts of items—tiles, rocks, agate slices, the list goes on—but it is simple to add a gold leaf edge or finish onto your paper pieces as well. If you want to try DIY-ing, I recommend starting out with the Mona Lisa Gold Leaf kit at your local Michael’s or craft store before graduating to higher grade materials—I promise you won’t be able to stop!

Gold Calligraphy

Gold Calligraphy Envelopes

Calligraphy is one area where golds and other metallic finishes don’t typically rack up 2-3 times the cost. Gold calligraphy inks are extremely popular and come in a large variety of shades and mediums, so almost any calligrapher will be happy to provide gorgeous gold addresses, escort cards, seating charts, or table numbers (just to name a few). I always love the classic gold on cream, but jewel tones like maroon, deep purple, or hunter green, carry gold beautifully as well!

Gold Paper

As gold printing can get a little pricey, one easy (and cost-effective) way to add a gold finish to your invitations is by using gold paper. If you would like to print directly on gold paper for your invitations, I would recommend black or white printing for the best visibility. If you’re using gold for place cards or escort cards, a white calligraphy ink or paint pen is a gorgeous contrast!

To get a more subtle hint of gold, I like to use gold paper as a back invitation mount. You can have your gold papers cut to size at your local Fedex Pack & Ship Center or any office supply store. You can create a border of ¼” all the way up to 1” for maximum glamour. Then, simply use a tape gun or glue to mount the invitations on the gold paper!

Gold envelope liners are a great way to match the rest of your invites that have gold touches. The liners are a perfect way to add that extra touch of luxury to your stationery suite! You can cut your own liners with a template and scoring board, or you can purchase them through your local stationery designer.

Gold Wax Seals

Wedding invitations with wax seals make one of the best first impressions you can make for your wedding festivities. Wax seals can feel modern, antique, or even classic, but there is no doubt that they always look and feel luxurious. Many talented calligraphers and artists have designed pre-made wax seal collections ranging from Gothic monograms to organic laurel wreaths, or you can choose to create a custom design for your wax seal that you can keep forever. Some designers even make wax seal stickers to make the DIY process a lot easier than actually melting and stamping all 100 of your invitations! Try a wax seal on your outer envelope, or use it to seal a wrapper or tie around your suite inside the envelope. You can even stamp your menus, escort cards, and programs with your seal!

Gold Ribbon or Twine

One of the great challenges of creating a beautiful suite is figuring out how to tie everything together. Ideally, your invitations would feel like a personalized package that each of your guests is unwrapping.  A great way to create this look is to wrap all the pieces of your suite in ribbon, twine, vellum, or paper. So if you’re looking for one more touch of gold to pull the entire thing together, try a gold twine or ribbon and tie it in a bow, leave a knot, or seal it in with your wax seal! This leaves one more piece for your guests to unwrap to get to the gorgeous prize inside!

Gold Caligraphy Place Cards

We hope that these tips have provided some useful information for those of you wanting to add some touches of gold into your wedding stationery or wedding day items. All of these techniques are definitely DIY-able, and are transferrable to other metallic finishes if you prefer rose gold, copper, silver, etc. to gold. I would love to see your gold stationery pieces—whether it’s menus, escort cards, table numbers or invitations, share your photos and techniques below and let us know how you plan to add touches of gold into your wedding pieces!