2018 Design by Laney Goals

Did you read the previous post about setting the right goals for 2018? No? Oh okay, I'll wait.......



Phew, good thing you're a speed reader. Now that you've completed this week's homework, it's time for me to share my homework with you from the last couple of months - the Design by Laney 2018 Goals! This is my absolute favorite time of year, not just because my (golden!) birthday is coming up, but also because I am mildly obsessed with making lists and setting goals! I typically set a LOT of goals, because as we talked about last time, 50% is the number that makes me feel most comfortable, while not allowing me to slack off. This list is a little in flux, and will need some tweaking here and there (and of course, not all of the goals follow the guidelines in my previous post, so you can call me a hypocrite)!

My goals always have a couple categories. typically falling into "work" and "life," but this year a new one rose to the top, which I have been calling in my head "society", even though that's not the best name for it. I have some vague aspirations in the political and social departments, and hope to one day turn all these angry Facebook rants and dinner-table fights with my conservative uncles into something larger.

While I don't really subscribe to the "word of the year" concept, I've been bouncing between "structure" and "balance" as potentials. The guiding force for these goals was a distinct shift from 2017, which was 100% "figure it out" mode. During this first year in business, with a semi-spontaneous 2,000 mile move, I was hectic, frantic, and exhausted more times than I can count, which showed in some of my work, and definitely showed in my life (sorry for all the crying, Alex). Once things would calm down, the real building blocks of business (bookkeeping, tax payments, scheduling, etc.) were strewn in pieces all over the place and almost impossible to decipher. Not only do I plan to handle those things more responsibly in 2018, but I plan to set more boundaries between business and life so I can enjoy both a lot more. 

And of course, a New Year's post wouldn't be complete without thanking the previous year for all the wonderful things it brought me! Though you were hectic, frantic, and exhausting, 2017, you also brought me back to my home state, an even-more-happily-employed boyfriend, a full year in business without starving, new friends, even more 'old friends' somehow, my first trip to Asia, a return to my love Europe, a feature in PEOPLE (!), and a great deal more confidence in my art as well as my convictions. And most importantly, the confidence that it's only uphill from here!

Okay...on with the list, already... 

Jessica Van  took this awesome photo for me cause she's smart and cool and totally knows what she's doing! 

Jessica Van took this awesome photo for me cause she's smart and cool and totally knows what she's doing! 



  • Use a calendar (Right off the bat, something totally unmeasurable, whoops!)
  • Get in the packaging game (this one is measurable but that part is BORING)
  • Set up automated shipping services
  • Do my bookkeeping at least once a month
  • Setup Dubsado 100% (if you don't have it yet, GET IT HERE, it rocks)
  • Blog 2x/month (GET EXCITED YOU GUYS)


  • The Forge: This is a makerspace in town that you can join to get access to laser cutters and other machinery. I am SO excited to take this on in 2018 - you'll be seeing tons of new laser cut pieces from me! 
  • Conferences: I have not 100% decided which conferences I want to attend this year, but this is kind of a mix of the society and work categories!
  • Create a Font (sign up to be notified when this happens HERE)
  • Launch Semi-Custom Invitations in January (notification for this HERE)
  • Add 24 more designs to the existing Semi-Custom Shop!
  • Explore offering Skype/Video Calligraphy Classes to non-locals (show interest HERE)
  • Release Simple Instructional Courses: Digitizing Calligraphy is #1 (HERE)
  • Open a Zazzle Shop for custom stamps + other products (HERE)
  • Raise Custom Design Fee by $300
  • Offer Coaching Sessions! (I'm SO excited about this one! You can sign up HERE, and yes they are all the same link....just click any of the things you'd like to be notified about!)


  • Take/Do 100 Workout Classes/Workouts
  • Get Upside Down in Yoga
  • Do a Split!
  • Take a Yoga Retreat (any recommendations welcome!)
  • Visit a Dermatologist (I made the appointment today, but they can't see me til March HAH)
  • Take Weekends off When Possible
  • Go back to Florence
  • Make shopping lists FIRST
  • Wake up on average by 7 (yep, this is a huge stretch for me!)


  • Give Back: I have specific goals for this, but I am not 100% on sharing them yet. Just know that some of this will come from work, some will be personal, and there will be plenty of chances for you to get involved! I give back predominantly to education programs, underprivileged children, women's groups, and now to political campaigns and social liberties groups.
  • Volunteer 4x/month
  • Become a full JLG Member (I'm joining the Junior League!)
  • Start the After School Finance Program: This one is going to be a stretch for me, but I want to put it out there. Basically, the idea is to teach high school kids about personal finance, but make it interesting to them of course (I'm not like a regular teacher, I'm a cool teacher). I have always been a believer in more practical education in schools, specifically surrounding finance. I think this could be a life-changer for some kids as they transition to adulthood and taking care of themselves (not to mention the potential benefit of sharing tips with their families). I have no idea where to start, but the Guilford County Schools office is less than 2 blocks from my apartment, so that should help!



Okay phew, that's way too many goals, isn't it? What do you think? Let me know your thoughts and which goals of your own you're excited about for 2018! I can't wait! And...if you're wondering how on earth I'll keep track of those, then well, I think we are on the same page. I have created a new Goal Tracker that allows me a chance to focus on each goal once a week, and broken it down to mix up personal and business goals. Like I said, I'm a huge fan of to-do lists, so I allowed more space to add items every day on the fly! Check out this Weekly Goal Tracker, and feel free to make it your own - all you need to do is fill in your respective goals, and it'll fill in the whole sheet for you :) Let me know what you think and feel free to share this link with your friends!