Business Anniversary Revamp !

design by laney business goals

Happy Anniversary Design by Laney! Yep, that’s right, I’m wishing myself a happy anniversary cause I’m the boss of me and I can do that. I can even buy myself a cookie cake to celebrate if I want (if you want to be the boss of me, all you have to do is buy me cookie cake!).

There are so many little things that you pick up along the way as a business owner, but don’t really have time to sit down and think about, nonetheless time to actually put them into action. This year, as a gift to my future self, I decided to take 2 months to casually (and not-so-casually) work on all those little projects that I kept adding the list and never crossing off.

Self-evaluation is something I talk about a lot in coaching, YouTube videos, and Morning Chats, and we had to take this seriously in order to last for 20-30 more years like we plan to. So we mapped out where we wanted to be in 5-10 years, and set about making some serious changes to get there.

There were 3 main goals that we wanted to accomplish, and a lot of little projects along the way to help accomplish them!


  1. Beef up Our Partnerships

  2. Streamline our Product Offerings

  3. Update our Look

Let’s Explore…

1. Beef Up Our Partnerships

This one has a few different meanings - we want to partner more with those of you who are Creative Business owners (or hoping to be!), thank those who send business our way, and we also want to have a meaningful impact on the world. We also want to work mainly with people who *like* that we want to have a meaningful impact on the world.

  1. New Business Re-Boot Camp starting Jan 1! This will be a 4-session deep-dive, month-long, homework-filled, intense, slightly-harsh-but-in-a-loving-way, supportive, encouraging, goal-centric coaching curriculum with 2-3 students each month at first

  2. New Business Resources for sale (release calendar still in the works, but these are all going to be reeeeally good!)

  3. New Planner Partnerships - Planners will now have a discount code for free shipping on all shop orders, as well as new resources created especially for Planners. We appreciate all of our Wedding Planner partners and hope to further develop this partnership moving forward! If you’re interested in getting on the Wedding Planner Partner list, please reach out!

  4. Giving Partnerships - We have a lot of political feelings and goals, and want to be known to make even a small amount of difference in this world. As a company, we value education and creativity, so we’ve decided to give 5% of all sales moving forward to Americans for the Arts, an organization aiming to protect and improve arts education programs throughout the country.

  5. On this same vein, a new branch of our Morning Chats on Instagram will be World Wednesdays - on Wednesdays, we’ll talk about an issue affecting the world and often offer tips on how to assist with those! 

2. Streamline our Product Offerings

This all stems from a desire to reach a couple different target audiences. We love custom design, but we actually want to increase the number of amazing couples that we get to work with, even if that means limiting our custom design clients. We also have found a calling in coaching, teaching, and offering advice and assistance to other Creative Businesses around the world, and want this to be an equal part of our business in 10 years. Thus, we have re-structured the business for 3 main product lines - Custom Design, The Collections (semi-custom suites), and Business Resources.

This involves a few policy changes:

  1. $500 minimum order for Custom Design (Don’t worry, Shop orders can include menus, escort cards, and smaller orders with no minimum!)

  2. Limit to 4 Custom Design clients per month

  3. Slightly increased pricing in some calligraphy products

  4. Full. Pricing. Disclosure. The Collections pricing will be set for production only, and Custom Design will be all the same production pricing + a Custom Design Fee that will be set as well. You can view our Pricing Guide HERE if you’re interested! This way there is no confusion, and you can even price out your own suites if you like. *We reserve the right to change/update pricing for any reason.

  5. No more physical signage above 8x10. This is a big one, and I know some of you will be upset, but it’s about keeping the tools that I need and use often, and getting rid of some of the things that I don’t do as well or as often. All of The Collection Suites will have an 8x10 sign design included, and you can provide any text you want, or I can create custom 8x10 signs or smaller. Anything above 8x10 will be a vinyl cutout or a digital file that you can print locally!

  6. Supply Links - We have created a page with many of our supplies linked and reviewed for you. We won’t be offering this on *every* supply or vendor we use for free, but those that we can, we will provide for you for free - you can view our current Supply page HERE, and we will continue to grow this. Yes, some of these are Affiliate Links, but they are all tested and used by our team regularly. We stand 100% behind anything that we add to the Supplies page!

3. Update our Look

Up until this point, we’ve been a little bit in Survival Mode, and much of our branding was designed out of need. It turns out, a lot of it still speaks to us as a company, but just needs a little updating, including:

  1. New Logo (look up!)

  2. New Website Headings

  3. New Email Signature

  4. New Packaging - While we will continue to use almost exclusively recycled packaging materials, we are adding some new branding elements to take the contents of your packages to the next level.

  5. New Semi-Custom Shop - We’ve been referring to these as The Collections lately, and that’s what they are. Each set released will be 10 pieces (Save the Date, Invitation, RSVP Card, Details Card, Shower Invitation, Envelope Liner, Menu, Table Number, Escort Card, and 8x10 Sign), so you can brand your event allll the way through! These will be consistent, way easier to understand, and easily shopped directly on our website. If you’ve written off our shop in the past as confusing and mismatched, we strongly urge you to take another look and let us know what you think - we’re confident you’ll like the progress!

wildflower wedding invites

The Collections

Our new Semi-Custom Shop for invitations, Save the Dates, Shower invites, and Day Of Goodies!

What do you think? As always, we are striving to serve you better, and to keep up with the changes that Design by Laney has undergone over the last few years. We can’t wait to dive deep on Business Re-Boot Camp, support the Arts, and work with even more amazing couples on their wedding Stationery over the next year. Bring it on 2019!