Origami Paper Crane Wax Seal Launch

It’s Launch Day! Wait...weren’t we just hearing that in February? And also back in October? I will admit, there have been a lot of launches lately, and there are some new ones coming up too (YouTube Channel, anyone?!). Today marks one of the most fun ones, though - at least on our end. If you’ve been following along, you know that we love working with Wax Seals! Big, small, custom, simple, abstract, we love them all - especially if we get to add in unconventional materials. So when WaxSeals.com and Artisaire reached out to me about becoming a part of their Creative Community, I was over the moon excited! So without further ado….let me introduce you to our signature design, the Paper Crane wax seal!

paper crane wax seal


First off, just go check it out here. It’ll be fun, I promise. I’ll wait….


...pretty cool, huh? Now a lot of people have been asking me how I came up with the crane! Despite being cute and fun, this design actually has a ton of meaning for me but it was a slightly tough process from start to finish with this design, so let me take you through it.


When Ashley first reached out to me, I spent about 20 minutes squealing with excitement, and then was immediately filled with paralyzing anxiety about being chosen for this task. This was back in October, and there were a LOT of things going on with Design by Laney - still adjusting to the cross-country move, closing out the first calendar year in business, planning the last wedding for Events by Laney (that’s a whole other story if you just got here!), and launching our first Semi-Custom Collection, the wedding day goods (which you can view here). In the midst of all of the chaos, this request from WaxSeals.com opened up some questions that I had been avoiding a little too much. What did my brand represent? What words would I like people to use to describe the brand? How can a signature D by L design bring joy to and resonate with people all over the world who would potentially use this seal design, while still representing us in a recognizable way?


bright modern wedding invitations

The first thought I had was that I definitely did not want to do something organic and romantic. No offense to the absolutely amazing folks in the Creative Community right now - I own half of their seals in that category! But that is not the first thing I hoped came to mind when thinking about Design by Laney, so I wanted to create something different, modern, and of course, something that would work best in ALL the bright colors!


The Paper Crane design actually stemmed from my great aunt, Loretta Downs, who is an End-Of-Life Planner, Consultant, and Companion (here’s her amazing work! ). Around 10 years ago, we visited Loretta in Chicago and she taught me to make origami paper cranes. She was working with a patient to create one thousand paper cranes - the legend says that anyone who creates one thousand cranes will get a wish. Thus, they often accompany both tragic and happy occasions - people create paper cranes for weddings, births, and if you pass by any sites of recent tragedy, you’ll likely see strands and strands of paper cranes that have been sent to honor the site.


yellow wax seals

Now that I work with paper on a daily basis, I often find myself thinking about the paper cranes and how they symbolize hope and new beginnings. If you think of the moments that we send mail, including wedding invitations, graduations, birthdays, and even losses or illnesses - what better complement to these moments than a symbol of hope and new beginnings? I actually tried out a few different origami bird designs for this seal, and while they were all cute (and you can get them on postage stamps here!), the crane was the one that kept calling to me because of its deep meaning and the sense that it was pretty much meant to accompany some good old fashioned snail mail. Plus, on a much shallower note, isn’t it just adorable to think of a little birdie bringing you your letter? Yes, definitely!


Isn’t it fun when there’s so much meaning behind something and it turns out to be really pretty too? After about a million back and forths and TONS of patience on Ashley’s side, you can finally view and order the Paper Crane seal today, YAY! I love that this seal can be used in any color - in fact those one thousand cranes are typically a myriad of colors, so I dare you to get some seals in a bunch of different colors like I did (although of course the yellow is my favorite!). If you’re unsure of the whole wax sealing process, then don’t worry, you can actually get these signature designs in pre-made seals of any color, and even choose the shape of the edges based on how romantic or modern you’d like them to look. Check out the full profile (in case you didn’t follow directions earlier) here to learn more, and let me know what you think!