100 Workout Tracker Download

Hi folks! Since so many of you asked over the past couple weeks, I have decided to make my 100 workout tracker sheet a free download! Be warned - it has cheesy platitudes and encouragement all over it! It has helped me so much, though, because I absolutely love having something to cross off after every workout. Mine is a total mess right, because I also use the margins to keep track of specific workout goals (my particular ones are certain distances/times for my triathlon legs, increasing my squat weight, and decreasing my assisted pull up weight). I also write what I did each day in the square, with the date, so I can tell what my schedule has looked like over the past week or so. My goal was 100 workouts by the end of 2018, and I'll be meeting that this Saturday which is June 9 (my triathlon will be number 100 because I just love poetry like that!). I hope you enjoy, and would love to keep updated on your progress for the rest of the year - I'm definitely going to try and get another 100 in!