Why a Seating Chart is Helpful on Your Wedding Day

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Seating charts, escort cards, place cards, all the different terminology can get really confusing! Sometimes it feels like you’d be better off just doing an open seating wedding - what can go wrong, right? We’re all family here! Well…in fact, a lot of things can go wrong! The politics of wedding seating have become the typical gag in movies and sitcoms everywhere, but for good reason - those relationships are always complicated. Having a seating chart can help you navigate the icy waters between Aunt Cindy and Cousin John, and well…..it can help you in a lot of other ways too….

1. No Empty Tables

When you invite over 100+ guests to your wedding, the last thing you would want is for everyone to sit on one side of the room! Having a detailed seating chart will help you organize and make sure that your guests are evenly placed for your reception. 

2. Everyone will Feel More Comfortable

Let's be honest, not everyone in your family gets along. With your knowledge of everyone’s opinions, you can sit Uncle Gorge with Uncle Mike and they'll get along just fine. You also may be inviting friends who don't know your other friends, so with a seating chart, you're able to seat friends where you think would be best; because it always stinks going to a wedding and not talking to the person you're sitting next to at dinner. This is a chance to help your friends and family connect in ways that are important to you, and a seating chart is a huge help in making that happen (who knows, maybe you’ll match-make for the next wedding!).

3. Make it Formal

Having a seating chart ensures your guest that you've been spending hours making sure they are seated in the perfect spot. Without a seating chart, people would feel overwhelmed with finding where to sit, so by you helping them that is one less thing they have to worry about! 

Design by Laney - Seating Chart

Another way to take awkward pressure off your guests, as well as increase formality, is to incorporate place cards! These go hand in hand with the seating chart. Your guests will see the seating chart and then head to the table listed. Then they'll see their name again at their own individual seat! I always feel so special when I see a table and a seat was assigned to me! Place cards can be on unique surfaces, combined with menus, tied to favors, or really in any format that you and your fiancé like. We have a few recommendations in the DIY Section of our blog, as well as our Gallery!

Design by Laney - Placecards
Design by Laney - Escort Cards

And lastly, escort cards! A little spin on a seating chart and place cards! An escort card could be used in many ways for your wedding, but the basic idea is that the chart or card tells a guest what table to sit at, and then they are able to choose which seat they’ll have at that table. A literally seating chart board can serve this purpose, or you can give out individual personalized cards with table numbers on them. Many venues require you to display meal choices on the table at each seat - an escort card often has a small letter or symbol that denotes which entrée that guest should receive.

I love the idea of personalizing your seating chart, place cards, escort cards, etc. This just adds to the overall guest experience, and gives them another piece to remember your special day. Check out our Calligraphy Escort Card / Place Card Shop here!