Wedding Ready Nutrition and Health Checklist

Happy October friends! We have some seriously exciting things coming up this month, most notably our Wedding Budget Series that comes out every Friday of this month (yes, even this Friday, meaning TWO blog posts this week WAHOO). But first, we are excited to share a collaboration that’s been in the works for several months with Jenny the Nutritionist!

wedding ready nutrition workout checklist

Jenny is someone I met in real life (WHAT?! You can still do that?) 4 years ago, and then by a totally random stroke of luck, ran into again in Malaysia last year. I have seen her personal and professional progress and watched her grow into a successful, inspiring, and hella fit woman over the last 4 years, so I couldn’t wait to collaborate with her!

Nutrition and stationery don’t seem like the most obvious fit, but I appreciate any and all aspect of the wedding planning process, and have been undergoing a personal health transformation myself over the past year, so I know firsthand that this checklist will be valuable to you all. We designed it specifically with Brides and Grooms in mind, to help make sure you are your best physical self for your wedding day.

My favorite part of Jenny’s approach to healthy living is that she believes in indulging yourself when necessary, listening to your body, and making smart, simple choices throughout your day to maintain a more positive lifestyle - not a fad diet. Thus, ALL of the steps in this checklist can easily be adapted to your post-wedding lifestyle as well. In Jenny’s own words:

“I'm Jenny the Nutritionist and I help active females reach their aesthetic and performance goals through nutrition!  Food is so powerful and fuels your physique, performance, and health goals.  It is crucial that you look and FEEL your best on your wedding day.  You deserve for it to be perfect from the flowers, the signage, and how your fiancé looks at you in that dress!  Just like planning for the big day, it is important you plan ahead on your weight loss journey.  This template allows you to visually stay on track, week after week, even when the days get busy.  Most importantly, this sets you up with a balanced lifestyle beyond the cake tastings and engagement parties.  Enjoy!

Download the weekly Wedding Ready Checklist below - simply print one out every week and keep track of all your best (and not-so-best) habits! And if you’d like something more personalized, definitely check out Jenny’s offerings - she has tons of great tips and free nutrition advice on social media and her email list so follow along here:

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Let us know what you think below, and be sure to share with your friends! As if a wedding-ready nutrition and fitness plan wasn’t enough, we’re helping out with all your budgeting woes with a four-part series starting FRIDAY - see you then!