Modern Wedding Giveaway

We’ve got a treat for you today to briefly interrupt the All About Series - don’t worry, it’ll resume tomorrow with All About Envelope Liners! Today, though, it’s giveaway time!!!

Artisan Books sent me a copy of their new book, Modern Wedding: Creating a Celebration That Looks + Feels Like You by Kelsey McKinnon, and they sent me one to give away to you all as well!

modern wedding planner

Did any of you know that I started out in wedding planning before stationery? I thought that was what I wanted to do with my life, but once I started doing stationery I had to make a choice. Running 2 separate businesses was not good for my mental health or my schedule! Now that it’s not for money, I absolutely love chatting wedding planning tips + tricks whenever I can, so this book was a breath of fresh air.

Of course, I turned to the stationery section first thing - and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was section Number 1!!! Starting with creating your guest list, Modern Wedding has tons of the same tips and tricks I offer to my clients every day.

The photos are incredible, from some of my favorite designers, including Stephanie Fishwick, Kaela Rawson, and Happy Menocal on the stationery side. The other vendors included are all A-list, from Mindy Rice to Bloom and Plume, and so many talented people in this industry - seriously, if you want to be inspired by anyone, this is the collection of artists to choose.

…and my favorite part of the entire book? It doesn’t mention pricing AT ALL. There's not one number, percentage, dollar amount that I could find. Because the emphasis here isn’t on your budget or how much you’re spending. The emphasis is on creating a wedding that feels like you. If you haven’t checked out our Home Page recently, that same sentiment is all over it, because that’s what matters to us too!

Other highlights for me included the Color Story section (this yellow inspiration, of course!), this handy description of traditional cultural wedding customs, and this stunning dress! This would be an amazing gift for your recently-engaged friends, and you get a cake knife and server set as well in the giveaway.

Alright, so how do you win?

If you came here it’s probably because you already saw our post on Instagram about winning your copy! You can get an additional entry if you comment below, and tell us what you’re most excited about for planning your wedding (or helping your friend plan theirs).

From setting your timeline to tasting your cake, be prepared for it all! One (1) winner receives:

 Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Prizing and samples provided by Artisan Books.

From the Publisher: “The book unpacks every element of a wedding—stationery, attire, seating plans, flowers and tablescapes, food and drink, gifts—with examples that will appeal to couples who care about how things are made but are not overly influenced by trends. The emphasis is on natural surroundings, seasonal flowers and food, modern dresses, minimalist ceremony structures, and naked cakes. Photographs of real weddings—“case studies” like a destination fete in Tuscany, a house party in Brooklyn, and a New Agey revel in Kauai—show how all the pieces can come together into a unique and expressive whole. Extensive practical information and resources give readers access to all the help they need for their own unique celebration.”