How to Create Regular Content for Your Creative Business

How do you create so much content? This is a popular question lately, as we’ve got our Instagram, Facebook, Resources, YouTube Channel, Email Lists, Pinterest, Stories, Website, Skillshare classes, and of course this blog, with new posts every Monday. You’re right - it’s a LOT, and sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about it. But of course I’ve got a few tips for you today on how to go about creating and scheduling your content!

  1. First of all, narrow yourself down as much as possible. Each new content channel that you use is its own beast, and you can’t be an expert on all of them - it’s just not possible. If you follow us, you know we mostly use Instagram, the Blog, and our YouTube Channel for sharing content. I don’t have plans to use Facebook marketing, start an online school, or any other totally new channels anytime soon. Instead, I focus on these 3 main areas that work and make sense for Design by Laney. If you check out our Ideal Client video, that can help you determine which content platforms will be the best for your business!

  2. Know your Goals. If your goal is to get 10k followers on Instagram, then you shouldn’t be on Instagram. That’s a stupid goal for a business, because followers don’t matter for your business success - your sales do. So if you want to use Instagram for marketing, that’s fine, but do it to meet your goal of XX sales, clicks, or views, not just to get followers or likes.

  3. Make a Schedule - Scheduling content creation is vital to maintaining a clear, consistent message across all platforms, and seeming like you have any idea what you’re talking about. There’s room for spontaneity in things like Instagram stories or Pinterest pins, but your audience will have a negative reaction if you look like you just threw together a blog post or Email list email. We printed a notepad calendar with all of our platforms listed on it to schedule our content by the month, week, and day. You should also determine how often you’ll release each piece - we post on Instagram once or twice a day, Blogs and YouTube videos are once a week, and Email list emails are once a month. This way, people come to expect when you’ll be releasing content and look out for it.

  4. Start before you Launch - Don’t ever launch something like a blog or YouTube channel after your first post. You’ll forget to post again for 4 months and look like an idiot! Set your timeframe (say once every 2 weeks) and do a couple months on that timeframe to make sure you can handle it. Then, you’ll be used to creating content on that schedule, and you’ll have a backlog of content in case you miss a week!

  5. Task Batch - Task batching is amazing for SO many reasons, but it’s the absolute key to my content creation. I film multiple YouTube videos at a time, and change outfits between them. Otherwise, I’d have to make sure I had good hair and makeup, lighting, and a perfectly clean office 3 times as often, and we all know that isn’t happening! When I first started and had a full-time job, I would schedule an entire day on  Saturday or Sunday for taking photos and videos of my work. Then I’d have plenty to post for the next week or so and only had to set up my photo supplies once.

  6. Outsource - The busier and bigger you get, the more you need to outsource. I think it’s important to have a fundamental understanding of how things work, but once you do it a few times, you’ll be able to instruct someone else in how you like things done. I currently still control everything for YouTube and Instagram, but my assistant manages blog outlines, Pinterest, and creates the content calendar based on what our weekly and monthly focus areas are. And I’m at the point where it’s time to outsource even more - so if you’re an awesome video editor, please reach out to me!!! This can even be as simple as scheduling your posts on social media using an app like Tailwind (one free month with this link), Planoly or Later.

  7. Double Up on Content - This basically means that you don’t ever create a piece of content you can only use once. People consume content in so many different ways, so while it may feel repetitive to you, it won’t to them - I promise! We post scripts from our videos as blog posts a few months after the video posts, because videos and blogs have different audiences. That way, we get two pieces of content out of each one. We’ll even use excerpts from our videos as Instagram captions, and we’ll make sure to post all videos on Pinterest as well. So any video we write may get used in 4-5 different ways. If you have physical products, make sure you’re taking multiple photos of different aspects of the project, and thinking of different ways to use them. For instance, I can make a YouTube tutorial about calligraphy escort cards, and then take a lot of Instagram and Pinterest photos of the escort cards themselves. We share all of our Instagram posts on Pinterest, as well as every image from every blog post, using the Tailwind extension on Chrome. The more ways you can use a piece of content, the less work you have to do in the long run!

  8. Tell your story - You may feel stuck sometimes on what to talk about, and I totally get that. It’s tough. The fear of repetition can frankly just go away - if you say the same thing you said a month ago, no one is going to care. So that should help. But if you’re feeling stuck, ask yourself a few questions - What did I make? Why did I make it? Who did I make it for? How did I make it? How could someone else make this too? Why should you choose me to make it for you? Telling the story of your products is proven to be more successful than just posting a photo of them with a pretty caption - as is putting yourself into the story. One of my favorite things is to keep a note on my phone of any and all content ideas - whenever something comes up, I just put it in the Note, and then dump that into my blog, video, and resource schedule once every few weeks.

  9. Just freaking do it. Honestly, I want to say this so many times when I’m asked this question. It doesn’t matter how many paying clients you have, it doesn’t matter if you’re saying the same thing on 7 different platforms, it doesn’t matter if the lighting is 100% perfect in your photos. It matters that it’s out there, and that it’s getting eyes on your products and services. Sometimes I absolutely hate posting, and of course I go through seasons where I have less to discuss. But this is where planning ahead, that backlog you’ve created, and task batching come in handy! So when you feel stuck or have a brain fart, you have pieces ready to go. Plus, as with anything, the more you do something the better you’re going to get at it - it’s just science! So the more content you create, the better you’ll get and the easier it’ll be for you. I’m speaking from serious experience here, so you can trust me!

Let us know what you thought of this chat in the comments below - this helps us know which content you love the most and keep creating it for you!