Okay, WHAT NOW?! You're giving away free wedding invitations? Are you crazy?! Well, yep, duh. You should all know that by now. Plus after the next blog post, you'll all know exactly how much that costs me *nervous face*. But I'm so excited about the Semi-Custom Collection launching and out of nowhere reached that elusive 10k followers on Instagram on the same day as the collection launched - that's a clear sign, right? So here I am, jumping into 2018 with a free invitation suite giveaway! 

If you've already seen the post elsewhere, this will outline the rules, regulations, specifications, guidelines, directives, statutes, requirements, and all other official mumbo jumbo as well as giving you about 629 more ways to enter the giveaway. Sorry to make it a little boring, but I know you'll all have questions, so this is the easiest way to answer them all.


  1. What will be given away? Up to 150 sets of invitations, including Main Invite (A7), RSVP Card (4Bar), 2 corresponding envelopes in your color choice from our stock options, and Matching Envelope Liners - any design from our Semi-Custom Collection (viewed here)
  2. When will Invitations be created? Invitation proofs will be created at the end of March, and invitations will be produced in April. 
  3. Who is eligible? Anyone who is getting married after July 1, 2018 and before December 2019 is eligible to receive the prize, and anyone (literally, anyone) may enter. Prize can OF COURSE go to same-sex, trans, non-traditional couples of all sorts. Cause it's 2018 and that shit should not matter and does not make a bit of difference to me! A little more on entering for a friend is below. Couples are limited to after July 1 so invitations can be sent out in May and still follow the 6-8 week lead time! Couples may win who are not getting married in July, but you will need to provide your wedding information to me in March-April or another agreed-upon time within my production schedule. 
  4. What if I'm not getting married? That's alright! Please enter with a friend in mind who is getting married after July 1. If you win, you will simply be off the hook for wedding presents as you can give your friends wedding invitations FO FREE. Wahoo! 
  5. What if I already booked Design by Laney? If someone who is already booked wins, I will simply remove the $ value from your invoice!
  6. What if I want to book Design by Laney, but still want to enter the giveaway? Totally fine. See question 5 - I recommend booking anyway, as our calendar is filling up already this year. However, if you end up winning, then maybe that extra $$$ can go toward some fancy upgrades (or back in your pocket).
  7. Is Shipping included? Yes, regular ground shipping is included. If your timeline requires faster shipping, rush shipping charges may apply.
  8. How many times/ways can I enter? A bajillion! Really there are a ton! The only limitation is that you may not enter in the same exact way more than once...more on that below! 
  9. When will you pick a winner? I'm going to pick on my Birthday, which is February 27th! 
  10. How will I know if I won? I'll contact you via the method your winning entry was submitted, and any other ways that I can find you, as well as announcing on Instagram stories (on Feb 27). 
  11. What if the winner doesn't respond? The winner will have up to 1 week to respond and claim their prize (or pass it to the friend they entered for), or I will move on to another winner! 
  12. Can I add on calligraphy, foil, etc.? Yes, of course. If you want to further customize your suite with a details card, upgrades, etc., you can always do that following our typical pricing structure. 


Now the fun part! How to enter! Entries are technically unlimited, but I will not count identical entries. For instance, if you comment on the IG post and tag a friend who's getting married, your next comment must be tagging a different friend. However, you can then feel free to comment on this blog post with each of their names in 2 separate comments (basically giving you 2 entries for each friend). If you are the one getting married, I recommend asking your friends to comment on your behalf in different avenues for the best likelihood!

One Entry Each for the Following

  1. Each separate comment on the IG post with a tag of your friend who's getting married or saying "ME" if you are the one getting married. 
  2. Each separate comment on this Blog Post with your friend's name who's getting married or saying "ME" (make sure you include your email address in the blog comments so I can contact you).
  3. Each "Like" of our Facebook page! If you have already liked us, just unlike and like again so it's counted as a "new" like during the contest period!
  4. Each "Follow" on our Pinterest page! (same ^^^)
  5. Each comment on the Pinned Giveaway post on our Facebook Page with a tag of your friend who's getting married or saying "ME" if you are the one getting married
  6. Joining our email list! Sign up at the bottom of this page. If you're on it already, and feel like going through the steps, feel free to unsubscribe and re-subscribe...sorry that one is a little trickier than a Facebook like!
  7. Purchasing anything from our shop, including custom stamps, day-of items, etc. 
  8. Reviewing a past purchase on our Etsy page, Wedding Wire page, or Facebook page. Please only if you've actually purchased something from us! 


Okay, feel free to ask questions if you have them! I will update this post throughout the giveaway period to answer any unanswered questions or clarify anything that needs clarifying. I am SO excited about this and can't wait to celebrate with the lucky couple :) 






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