Drop and Give Me 30!

Do you treat your business well? Do you feed it the right foods? Stretch your reach occasionally? Do you push your business to the limits in order for it to grow stronger?

Your business is a lot like your body - and it can always use a good workout! During Business Re-Boot Camp, our intensive 30-day training camp, your business will stretch, sweat, and ultimately grow into the strong, powerful company you want to be.

We’ll have 4 one-hour training sessions, where we dig deep into your business and discover your room for growth. You can expect:

  • Homework

  • Harsh Realities

  • Support + Encouragement

  • Tough Questions

  • Full Disclosure

  • Guides + Resources

  • A Plan for the Future

  • Bad Jokes and the Occasional Puppy Cameo

One-Hour Sessions

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Training Plan

All Re-Boot Camp Clients will receive:

  • Intro Questionnaire before Your Month Begins

  • 4 Deep-Dive 1-Hour Sessions via Phone, Skype, or FaceTime

  • Daily “Workouts” for your Business each morning during your month

  • Applicable Design by Laney Resource Guides

  • Weekly Homework Assignments tailored to Your Business Needs

  • Walk Away with a Plan for Reaching your Ideal Client and Achieving your Financial as well as Work/Life Goals