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How much time should I allow for Wedding Invitation design?

Wedding invitations should go out 6-8 weeks before your wedding, Save The Dates can go out as early as you book your wedding, but ideally no closer than 6 months out. Design and production of your suites will usually take 2 months. We only accept 4 custom clients per month, so get on our calendar early! If you do not have quite that much time, then check out our Semi-Custom Collection here!

How much time should I allow for calligraphy?

Design by Laney requires a 2-week minimum for all orders, with an extra week above 100 quantity. Rush Orders are sometimes available at an additional fee depending on your timeline.

Gold foil wedding invitation

Do you work with clients outside of North Carolina?

Absolutely! Around half of our clients are located outside of driving distance. We've worked with people from New York to San Diego, and everywhere in between. Some items are tougher to ship, but we can work around this in most cases.

Can you source my papers/envelopes/items for me?

We always source papers and envelopes for invitation design clients. For calligraphy clients, we prefer not to source, but can point you in the right direction.

What printing methods do you use?

Design by Laney works with almost any type of printing method, and loves to combine methods for a textured effect. Some of our favorite printing methods  are outlined below:

Digital Printing The most cost-effective option, can be in any color and on almost any paper.

Letterpress Letterpress uses a metal plate to make a deep impression into a thick, often cotton, paper for a luxurious textured feel. This upgrade starts around $350 per letterpress area per letterpress color.

Photo by Paul + Jas Rottman Photography

Photo by Paul + Jas Rottman Photography

Foil Printing Foil is typically seen in metallic, but can be offered in almost any color. Like letterpress, it uses a metal plate to impress into the thicker paper, and adds a beautiful shine to any invitations. This upgrade depends on size and color, and begins at around $350 per piece.

Can you write on papers/envelopes/items that I provide?

Absolutely. We often write on client-provided pieces. We will remind you that some materials are not suited for all ink types and thus, color choices could be limited depending on your materials. Design by Laney does not guarantee a certain color will be available for client-provided paper or items. Typically white, black, gold and silver are available for *almost* any item. Contact us directly for advice if you'd like to provide a unique item - those are our favorite!

vellum envelope calligraphy

Does Design by Laney send out my invites for me?

Design by Laney can stamp, stuff, and seal invitations for all postage charges + an additional fee depending on the amount of assembly involved. Otherwise, we always send finished pieces packaged safely in alphabetical order, if applicable. We send invitation suites with each individual piece assembled, but invitation sets unassembled, unless otherwise discussed.

How much is stationery design?

Stationery design varies significantly on number of pieces, number of sets, and printing/assembly methods. Custom Design starts at $600 and production begins at $5/suite. The average Design by Laney client will spend somewhere around $2,000 on 100, 3-piece invitation sets with digital printing. Here’s our Pricing Guide with more info!

 How much is calligraphy?

Calligraphy orders start at a $250 minimum. Envelopes start at $3.50/envelope. Escort cards start at $1.85/escort card. Contact us directly for an exact proposal!

What colors are available for calligraphy?

Almost any color can be mixed; however, certain papers and materials do not handle all ink types and colors. Design by Laney does not charge additionally for metallic or specially-mixed inks. We also do not guarantee that a certain color will be available for your materials, but we are happy to provide sample photos of up to 3 color choices.

Do you create digitized calligraphy/graphic elements for invitation use?

Yes, we do create "spot calligraphy" as we call it, monograms, and other graphic elements. These are all custom-priced. Please contact us directly. All images, design elements, and pieces that are created for your invitations are property of Design by Laney. We are happy to provide licensing rights at an additional fee if you would like to use these elements in other pieces for your event.

How do you handle the money part?

Great question! We create a comprehensive proposal based on our initial meeting, and then collect a 50% design retainer before we begin working. We know things are bound to change throughout the process, so we are always updating the proposal for you! The final invoice will be updated for your final counts and where your designs and calligraphy end up. This payment will be due before shipment or pick up of your goods, and all payments are processed by Credit Card.