Using Dubsado as a Stationery Designer


Using Dubsado as a Stationery Designer


When starting your stationery business, you may find it difficult to manage all of your various projects, client communications, payments, contracts, and due dates. We have tried several tools, and are talking today about one of the ones we use most often for client and project management - Dubsado. We’ll talk about how we’ve streamlined our stationery business with Dubsado and show you hands-on how you can automate tasks, get payments faster, and make your stationery business more efficient overall. If you don’t have a stationery business, then this course will still give you project management tips, but keep in mind that most of our examples will be stationery-related!

The 51-Minute Video Course Covers:

  1. What is Dubsado?

  2. Getting Set Up

  3. Projects + Clients

  4. Leads

  5. Contracts

  6. Invoices

  7. Packages

  8. Proposals

  9. Canned Emails

  10. Questionnaires

  11. ...and how to map out your process flow to make the most of allllll these tools.

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