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Instagram Audits


Personalized Instagram Audits are here!

Are you still trying to get your first 1,000 followers? Are you scratching and pushing for that “K” to finally appear? Wondering how you can convert your audience into actual sales? Or maybe you’re just asking yourself what the HECK to post every day!

We can help - with more than 24k organic followers, over 65% of my business comes from Instagram, and I can help you get there too. In truth, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it just matters that your followers are converting. So let’s work together to discover what you’re doing well, and what you can improve on in your Instagram strategy.


  • Pre-Audit Form discussing Goals for your Business and your current Instagram state

  • 30 Minute Call/FaceTime with Laney to discuss strategy, answer questions, pick my brain, hear my thoughts on your strategy, etc.

  • Post-Call Evaluation Form to recap everything we talked about, provide actionable steps you can take to improve (view form on 2nd listing photo)


  1. Purchase your desired timeslot, and fill out the form when prompted.

  2. We’ll call you at the number provided at your desired time. This 30-minute call will go over your Instagram strategy, current numbers, first impressions, and of course our thoughts on how you can improve your strategy overall to meet your goals. This discussion will include, but is not limited to: Photo Quality, Captions, Consistency, Branding, Stories, Strengths + Weaknesses….

  3. After the call, we will send you a PDF with a recap, additional resources, and some calculations of your engagement/etc.

ALL CALLS WILL TAKE PLACE IN GIVEN TIMESLOT UNLESS YOU ARE OTHERWISE NOTIFIED. If you do not pick up after 2 calls, we will keep your slot open until the end of the time period purchased only. No additional time will be given, and reschedules are NOT guaranteed. In the event we cannot reschedule, we will process a $45 refund.

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