Print + Paper Vendor Guide

Print and paper Vendors Listing.jpg
Print and paper Vendors Listing.jpg

Print + Paper Vendor Guide


There are two questions we get more often than any others:

  1. Where did you get that paper?

  2. Where do you print your invitations?

This is the first (and only) time we’ll be answering these questions, with the Print + Paper Vendor Guide. It’s 23 pages of information about ordering and printing paper and invitations, with the names and direct links to all of the vendors we use regularly.

You’ll Get:

  1. Lesson on Paper and Envelope Sizing + Classification

  2. Paper + Envelopes Vendor List

  3. Specialized Paper Vendor List

  4. Our Favorite Papers for Various Projects

  5. Vellum Vendor List

  6. Wholesale Printer List

  7. Local Printer List

  8. Specialized Printer List (foil, letterpress, white printing, etc.)

  9. Acrylic Vendor List

  10. Envelope Liners Vendor List

  11. Other Vendors (fabric, mugs, vintage stamps, etc.)

  12. Lesson on Wholesale vs. Retail

  13. Tips for Putting Everything Together

  14. Photos all fully annotated with Vendor Credits so you can see what finished products look like from various vendors

*The download link expires 24 hours after opening, so please save the file to your computer.

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